Dress match sneaker on the red carpet

From the incredible to be accustomed to, Little K’s red carpet evening dress match gym shoes seems became a special classic Kristen Stewart style. Let us have a look!

2009, the MTV movie awards

Sneaker: Converse

From 2009 MTV movie awards, little K wears a Converse shoes and attracted all the eyes. Her rebellious attitude of unruly fashion was left a deep impression on us.

2012, MTV movie awards

3 years later, she was wear this shoes again. Made people very curious.

2011 MTV movie awards

Dress: Balmain Spring/Summer 2011

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

On the red carpet, sneaker is not very beautiful. All of us won’t believe that she can’t wears the high heel shoes over 30 mins. Though the high heel shoes is very good to match evening dress, but she still like gym shoes. Why? Comfortable? Maybe the only good answer is her individuality and she loves sneaker very much that we can’t imagine.

2011, Hollywood star road leave fingerprints

Dress: Marios Schwab Spring 2012

Shoes: Brian Atwood

Sneaker: Vans

Seems she has never care of her figure outside. Jeans+ Tee+ Sneaker is her dress up thematic.

2011, Los Angeles, “Dawn” premiere

Dress: J. Mendel Spring/Summer 2012

Sneaker: Nike

Do you have the seem feeling as me? I think she couldn’t living without sneaker.

Gorgeous party evening dress

Today’s fashion, Slightly grandiose aesthetics design is popular, black and white stripe neutral style. Attractive single shoulder design, and fashion clairvoyant outfit. Deduce fashionable elite to the extreme.

Exaggerated flower modeling is eye-catching. The most popular perspective elements also come in handy. Wide belt play its show thin effect, Let you become the most dazzling one.

Stripe outfit. Regardless of the vertical, Both have it distinctive temperament. The texture of the different degree combined, Have a special feel.

Fermentation fashion, Sexy wine dress

The University of Western Australia Bioalloy a project shows the textiles created with fermentation of the grapes–In essence is made with wine of the dress. use the microbe which live in the wine surface did this. Let them dry In the mould of layer. Fabric very wear-resisting. But remember, it can’t be drink.

This dress is very charming. Though it looks a little strange, but also sexy and special. Can you imagine that, Someday Lady Gaga dress it appears in GRAMMY? Or maybe someday it can be selled in the shopping mall, and marking the wine and the variety of the year?  Cheers!

Jessica appears in Bei Jing with 8 evening dresses

Jessica’s face looks sweet, called “Chocolate beauty” by people. Pink coat on her body let her looks so young, can’t believe she is a mother.

This shoulder-straps skirt is combined with bright coffee and bright yellow, outline her fullness breasts curve.

Jessica-alba, jacinth evening dress looks very charming. the fullness breasts curve and slender waistline. Looks so perfect!

White low bosom halter dress, also showing her good shape.

She always be sexy, but she always looks good in neutral style  clothing.

Sweet smile, black deep-V evening dress, very elegant!

This white skin texture dress let her looks nifty and lovely.

Silver color paillette outfit is female stars’ favourite. This strapless paillette dress showing her health skin and good figure.