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local sports enthusiasts have coined the term "pink hats" for fans who wear the latest franchise sportswear in pink or another non team color because it is trendy or attractive to fit in with the fan base. It can be considered a sign of franchises cashing in on team successes, feeding off the frenzy that fans will buy anything when the going is good. Although
cheap nfl jerseys china primarily identified locally with the Boston Red Sox, it’s become more common to now see pink Patriots hats, jerseys and other attire alongside the traditional colors. Katrina
wholesale jerseys china Fisher is proud to be a pink hat. "It doesn’t really bother me, the whole pink hat terminology thing," said Fisher, who last week was enjoying lunch at the Nashua Garden, a sports bar in downtown Nashua. "I’m a big sports fan, and I still have my pink hat, so it’s really not that big of a deal to me." For some, singling out pink hats as bandwagon fans is more a sign of the stereotypes some have against women who follow sports, making assumptions
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